Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dark Money must be financing comments and LTE's

There Aren't That Many Haters in Real Life

So weird. Comments at this video are Loooong numerous full of hatred for Obama, as in almost every site on the Internet. Who is paying these people to post hateful comments all day? There are never half as many on the opposite side to match it bk working class people Work. I think another thing Dark Money is doing behind the scenes to manipulate news is paying people to post  comments all over the internet and send LTE's to local newspapers, and They Are Doing Way Too Good A Job Of It. I am not laughing anymore at Jon Stewart et al, it is getting serious, folks but meantime, love my President.

Barack Obama's silly Buzzfeed video goes viral. Obama turns to BuzzFeed to sell Obamacare. BuzzFeed Gets President Obama to Make Funny Faces and Say ‘YOLO, M...
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I am heading for the hills, like Randi Rhodes, getting outta here, click my name to connect on Facebook

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