Thursday, February 5, 2015

Watch the Videos yourself, do not believe what CNN says is on there

Finally a report on more than the 30 seconds of burning at the end. The video is a 22-min Act of War using film as a weapon, where one person gets killed so dramatically, it gets more results than bombing a whole city. However, we won't learn that, bk The Ignorant Americans think Arabic is just that funny language with all the sounds we can't pronounce in it.

The 22-minute video released Tuesday by the Islamic State depicting the brutal death by immolation of a captured Jordanian pilot includes a long and detailed account by...
"In addition to Kasasbeh’s nearly nine-minute account of his last mission and the contributions of Arab nations to the coalition, the video includes two minutes in which Kasasbeh is shown walking through bombed-out structures, interspersed with scenes of rescuers pulling burned bodies from under rubble. The video closes with the names of Jordanian air force pilots under a label that reads “Wanted Dead.” Unlike many previous videos, this one contained no English subtitles, making clear it was intended for an Arabic-speaking audience."
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  • Kay Ebeling half truths and lots left out in most American media and I am heading for the hills

I've watched most the ISIS videos, and without exception, when CNN et al describe what's on them, They Leave Out A Lot, then say, "We are not going to show you the video, that would be wrong." No. It's wrong Not to watch the videos for yourself and see what the ISIS message is, WHY they are so angry at us. CNN et al are Not Letting Us Know, nor is MSNBC. All of them should run the first 21 and a half minutes on their websites, it's the right thing to do. Americans Need To See Why They Are Angry,

not just the gruesome 30 seconds at the end, over which we seem to be obsessed. 

It's amazing, there are dozens of 20 second clips out there of the burning, but the video itself is 22 minutes long and like all their videos, first shows what Americans did, then here is how ISIS is going to respond. Americans need to see it, LIKE IT OR NOT!!! 

It takes a little effort to track the videos down and they might not be there next time you go, but with five minutes of clicking on YouTube you can find them again. Watch them. Don't believe what Any corporate media in USA tells you is on them, watch them for yourself. CNN et al make it sound like they are just killing random prisoners. No, these are acts of war, this is a unique and new way of attacking an entire nation by killing one person. We Are At War and our media wants to feed us FOOTBALL stories.

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