Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Solar System Is Ours for the Taking but. . .

It's inevitable that humans will become one race, global. You see the beginnings of it today, especially in bigger cities where kids from several generations of mixed race end up looking like one race, humans.  

We are not black or white or Hispanic or Asian, we are all Earthlings.  

Remember, less than a hundred years ago we thought there were Martians or other creatures close by in the sky watching us.  Now we know the solar system is ours for the taking. 

But instead of taking advantage of our new territories, Earthlings waste time on wars. We've gotten an inkling of what the future could be during space missions and military ops, where humans communicate and work together on one bandwidth. 

We become one mind as each person runs their part of the project.  

In spaceflight we work together and achieve a common goal: Go to the Moon, bring Skylab back to Earth.  Today we get distracted by clicking on gossip sites and taking selfies, because the technology is still new, but once we start really living on those bandwidths, communicating globally, it will change humans.

Earthlings will expand into the solar system, it's just a matter of time.  And it won’t be done by one lone star fleet commander and a crew on a ship, it will be humans acting as one, working in teams, sharing the work, sharing the glory.

The solar system is ours.  There's no Martians out there going to shoot us down if we land on their planet.  It's ours. 

We're headed inevitably into our solar system, but for now we have to deal with forces that pull us back before we can go forward again. 

We keep wasting our resources on war.  If there are any aliens out there watching us, waiting for us to evolve, I bet they're getting impatient.  

-kay ebeling

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