Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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    As I observe climate change and drought, I really don't get why people don't just move, to a place with more water and open space. Humans Have Been Nomads since Forever, whose idea was it to buy a house with a yard and tie yourself to a 30 year debt and, in a situation like this, let your house keep you from surviving? L.A.., the suburban sprawl that covers the Southwest, is running out of water, MOVE!!!!

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    Repub frontrunner is, truly, a slimeball like all of them, profiting off his own campaign paraphernalia, I mean, where did ethics go? 
    An entity called BHAG is trying to trademark the candidate's logo for use on "key chains of precious metal" and other campaign merchandise.

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    Hmm No more having to share medical info with strangers to get weed, 
    While the state permits people to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana, they still can't buy or sell recreational pot.

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    "We can no longer work with a news organization that claims to be fair and balanced when you are so far from that. . .Not only are you Fox News an instrument of the Bush White House, and Israeli propaganda, you are war mongers with no sense of decency, nor professionalism."
    An excerpt from the letter of resignation of two Jordanian-Arab freelancers who worked briefly as Fox News Producers

    Outfoxed shows how the Fox News channel is used to promote and advocate right-wing views. SUBSCRIBE

    "There's no sense of integrity as far as having a line that can't be crossed."
    Anonymous Fox News Employee on "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism"

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    "There's one network, Fox, that's a propaganda voice for them [Conservatives]. It's certainly legal. But it does pose problems for our democracy when the news is 'dumbed-down'." -Media Mogel Ted Turner who also likened Fox News' current popularity to Adolf Hitler's rise to power in 1930s Germany.

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    WOW TV is surpassing Film as our best art form, this show is amazing!!! Plus Aquarius on NBC is more brilliance, WOW great time to be a little old lady who stays home a lot...
    In MR. ROBOT, a tech by day/vigilante hacker by night is recruited to destroy the firm he's paid to protect, and must decide how far he'll go for his beliefs.

    I hear the homosexual lobby has beautiful curtains. . . Randi Rhodes is on NOW on Stephanie Miller Show
    Free Speech TV is a 24-hour television network and multi-platform digital news source, currently available in 37 million television homes nationwide, airing fulltime on DISH Network (9415), DIRECTV (348), and Burlington Telecom (122). A non-profit, public interest network, FSTV is publically support…
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    Wow! The file I am doing this AM is about James Foley, an interview w/a journalist friend of his talking about the kidnapping, searching for him in Syria. My job may pay peanuts but it sure beats Bingo at the senior center. . .

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