Saturday, July 4, 2015

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    While reporting on random shooting at Pier 14, news crew gets beaten and robbed in SF. Watching the downfall of civilization from on top of California 
    News crews from two television stations were robbed of cameras Thursday morning, and a camera operator was pistol-whipped by a man in a ski mask, as they reported on a homicide at Pier 14 in San Francisco. The mugging — the latest in the Bay Area to...
    Bernie Sanders brings out the '60s in all of us, this article gives me sense memories of hope from decades past and I Love This Pic of him
    Long before Mr. Sanders was a presidential candidate, he went to Burlington, where he supported himself with odd jobs and planned to remake the world.

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    such fun being vulnerable so prey for predators, especially now that I add old and weak. Really, the less strong among us are the ones being thrown under the train right now, I'm feeling it, daily. Quote from here: Femicides are "not the work of a serial killer, but a society in decay."
    A wave of homicides targeting female victims — labeled as femicides — has been sweeping the State of Mexico, the sprawling suburb that engulfs Mexico City. W...

    The Soddom and Gmorrah story is not about homosexuality it is about Rape.

    Just opened a file from 2010 and found all kinds of stuff, going to put up the post next few days then there's these other files with more stuff. Now just editing for clarity and typos, no rewrites, just getting it all up there before i'm outta here Post will be at CofA15 at

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    The Bible was put together by Vatican Monks in the year 300 and they had an agenda, Stop saying it's "The Word Of God" wow talk about a successful PR campaign.

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