Friday, August 21, 2015

Misdirected Spirit makes Capitalism the new God

People need religion.  We have an inherent need to connect on a spiritual level. It's why Natives danced around a fire at night singing. It's why ancients fed virgins to the volcano. For past two thousand years or so in the Western part of Earth, the story of a Son of God has dominated the landscape but lately that myth has deconstructed under scandal and exposed hypocrisy.  

So Western Earthlings are now searching for new spiritual guidance.

Enter Capitalism and American Ideals.  

We reach out using whatever institutions we do have, since we no longer have a common religion, and lately Americans have come up with a reverence for capitalism that could be even more dangerous than religious fanaticism.  Over recent decades, we've redirected our need for spirit to the American dream and assigned assigned god-like powers to profit and a free market, made Ronald Reagan a saint. 

No, God is not the marketplace.  Sit still and listen to silence, say Om quietly to yourself. The universe will show you the real spirit if you look for it inside yourself, you won't find it on Fox News no matter how reverent Megyn Kelly sounds as she asks each Republican presidential candidate if he or she talks to God.   Aaarrgh

-Kay Ebeling

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