Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vets Support Iran Deal and Commander In Chief Obama

Email from Iraq War Veterans
re Iran Nuclear Negotiation

Opponents of the negotiated deal to prevent Iran obtaining nuclear weapons have the money. 

But we have the people. 

Since the deal was announced, outside groups receiving untraceable contributions have spent over $10 million on ads attempting to convince legislators to oppose the deals. 

VoteVets was built for moments like this -- there is no other progressive organization with the ability to organize tens of thousands of veterans and military family members nationally, and dozens in each congressional district. 

We are the key to countering this attack on diplomacy, but we need the resources to amplify the voices of veterans who support the deal. 

Contribute $3 to VoteVets today to help us lift up the voices of the veterans and military family members who support a diplomacy-first approach to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. 

We don't know much about their funding, but we do know something about two of the largest shadowy groups opposing the deal. 

The first, Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran counts Joe Lieberman as a prominent advisor. You may remember him as the Senator who led the our charge into Iraq before retiring in shame years later. The other includes the CEO of the Koch Brothers' funded Concerned Veterans for America on their board. 

This is who we're up against, and it's so important that the voices of veterans who support this deal aren't drowned out by dark money. 

Contribute $3 to VoteVets today and help us elevate the voices of veterans who support this deal. 

There are two alternatives: support diplomacy as the best way to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, or there will be war. 

Thanks for choosing the right side. 

Jon Soltz 
Iraq War Veteran & Chairman 

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