Friday, August 21, 2015

WTF is happening to this country

Here I am on a mountain top watching the USA deconstruct on my laptop, more from Facebook...

In Iran, the govt arrests someone, then searches their home until they find a reason to arrest them. In the US, Congress accuses Hillary then searches her emails until they find a reason to accuse her. Who is running the country? ALSO who is reading the former Secretary of State's emails now?

    As Americans get dumber, the PR technique where you repeat something over and over so often that people believe it's true becomes easier and easier. We are seeing it now with the Hillary email "crime" and before that with Benghazi. I Hope this era of ignorance ends soon.
    In 2nd to last paragraph: '"This dispute may have already contributed to at least one classified email being inappropriately released to the public," Grassley said.' AGAIN republicans put partisanship above national security, again making me wonder who is behind this endless misinformation on the right.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton's personal lawyer has told a Senate committee that emails and all other data stored on her computer server were erased...

    Re Hillary: she can never win bk her enemies have made false accusations against her for so long, and done it so well, that even intelligent reasoning people come to believe them. That's astounding for me to observe. Most Americans do not have time to read through all the lies being put out there. Nothing Hillary did was illegal or even unusual, but with Every Pundit in America saying it was, 60 percent or so people think it was. She didn't do anything that other secretaries of state and governors haven't done. The Internet Is New and there wasn't a protocol in place. What is the matter with people that they don't think past three sentences of headlines that get hammered into them so much they can't think PS Bill was not the first president to get a blow job in the White House. Americans are Idiots.
    President Trump would rewrite the Statue of Liberty sign to say, "Give Me A Break"
What this country needs is a Producer to send a camera crew into every government cranny and interview everyone and put it all in a Massive Reality TV show. Maybe we do need Donald Trump for president.

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