Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year, sort of...

    I see a near future where I'll sit on my mountain watching devastation almost everywhere else due to extreme weather and political chaos that comes with it. I'll have TCM etc to provide escape, I'll communicate with others globally over internet while many of us are homebound by these developments. It's kind of like a sci-fi story coming true, and humans will survive, who knows what new social structures will result, hopefully lots of green energy and tolerance. The Age of Aquarius was predicted to follow a period of great upheaval so, keeping my eyes open. Grateful for all the music and movies that will make this upcoming period tolerable.

    Heavy flooding has hit Britain and South America as wildfires rage across regions of Spain and Australia.
    I think this is my New Year's resolution this year, thanks for posting, especially since most people of different belief from me are obstinate and not going to listen to anything but what they believe anyway, including me. I figure, the same information is out there for everyone, if they end up thinking something ridiculous, it's their twisted brain, not mine, and life is too short to waste time trying to point out things to people who've already seen those things and choose to ignore them. HOWEVER, I am voting for Bernie Sanders. . .I think as President he could help bring this endless Arguing in our country to an end.

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    The Bible is a collection of stories compiled and edited by Monks at the newly formed Vatican 300-400 years after Christ. They changed scriptures to make them align with their agenda, which was to get the early Christians under control, bk those who were following the real Christ were Socialist Anarchists threatening the power structure. The Bible was a way to get peasant class people back under control, a fact that is obvious to scholars who spend time reading the original documents and see the scribbling in the margins, but, hey, if Pastor Who-Ha in Alabama or wherever says something different, go ahead and believe him. It fits with the dumbing down of America to think the Bible is some kind of mystical powerful thing. It's a collection of articles put together by monks with an agenda, read it with that knowledge and it all makes much more sense. NOTE: I am not an atheist, I just like to know the source of things and I believe Jesus did walk the earth with a revolutionary message. That's why he was assassinated. 

    For almost 1,500 years, the New Testament manuscripts were copied by hand––and mistakes and intentional changes abound in the competing manuscript versions.…
    I don't get it. Ask the women Bill Clinton had affairs with if they feel like they were abused. How is having an affair while you are married being "sexist"? Trump does not even know the meaning of the word AND he was screwing Marla Maples while he was married to Ivana. Trump drops wives to replace them with younger versions while Hillary held onto her husband, and yet Trump is able to call Bill Clinton sexist? Wow.

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    A Regulated Militia person living by Second Amendment knows enough to check weapon for bullets and to Not Clean it around a two year old child. Stupid America shows no signs of getting smart
    A two-year-old Oregon girl was 'accidentally' shot in the face by her uncle on Christmas morning.

    A two-year-old Oregon girl was 'accidentally' shot in the face by her uncle on Christmas morning.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR. . . sort of. - 
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    lucky for me, most vegan groceries don't need refrigeration...

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