Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Same Old Trump Suckers, just larger stakes today

I bet a lot of donald trump supporters are people who spend vacations putting dollars into a slot machine thinking it will make them rich. Trump knows that as he's been getting rich off those dollars in his casinos for decades...
More. Please we need more journalism like this:
'Donald Trump’s pattern of behavior, and the slavish devotion of his followers to the alternate reality he has created, should give pause to all Americans who care about the common good and a We the People democracy. I am also disturbed by how most of the talkers in the so-called “liberal media” are unwilling to describe Donald Trump and his followers in the most precise and best terms. He and they are demagogues and proto-fascists who are racist, nativist, xenophobes. Trump is a professional liar. His believers are both dupes and enablers.
'Whatever words we may use to describe Donald Trump (e.g. fascist, proto fascist, or cult leader) are separate from diagnosing how this sickness was introduced into the body politic. Trump’s Right-wing populism has been here for decades and centuries. It has gone by the name of the Know-Nothings, the Black Legion, and been embodied by men like George Wallace. The Fox News echo chamber and broader Right-wing hate media have crystallized and refined Trump’s—and the GOP’s—particular version of fascism, authoritarianism, mythmaking, and demagoguery into a poison pill that mixes political indoctrination with entertainment.'
It is clear that Donald Trump is the center of a cult of personality. But after watching his ascendance in the 2016 R...

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