Sunday, December 13, 2015

Substitute Donald Trump for Robert Forrest in this 1942 film clip warning about fascism

From Keeper of the Flame 1942 film warning about fascism

in this clip from 1942 film Keeper of the Flame warning about fascism, you can substitute Donald Trump for Robert Forrest in the dialogue and it all still applies. Film stars Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn and they could be talking about Donald Trump in this dialogue.

UPDATE:  (In less than 11 hours I got this message: "Due to a copyright claim, your YouTube video has been blocked. Your video was manually reviewed by the copyright owner or someone on behalf of the copyright owner." 
I have a feeling the person who got this video blocked had nothing to do with the 1942 production. A taste of what life will be like if Trump gets elected. 
Wish I were more savvy, I'd compress it enough to get it on here without going through YouTube, sigh, missing Elizabeth, who used to do these technical things for me. . . 
UPDATE 2: Oh Wow, you can still view it here. Don't tell YouTube... 

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