Thursday, July 7, 2016

If anyone wants to share a Hostile Medicine story with me, I'm taking notes

I sit here with bandages I bought on Amazon tied up around my body, swollen places here and there that I treat with warm salt rinses, and once again I've been asked by a doctor to find another doctor.
Because I have an illness that they aren’t able to diagnose.  So they want to just give me a pill that does not work and get me out of their office.
I wonder why a scientist would not see my case as a challenge, here I had all these weird experiences in my life that resulted in the one diagnosis I ever got in 1994, "prolonged PTSD"  "PTSD for decades" and now here I am a few decades later with All These Strange Neurological Symptoms.
You'd think a doctor would be fascinated by my case and want to work with me and take notes and write an article for publication about long term effects of long term PTSD.  You'd think I could get a Valium now and then when I'm shaking.
No. They just tell me I might be better off with another doctor and ask me to leave. It's like if they can't resolve it in five minutes with a quick Rx, they don't want you around. 
I just watched a report on the health care system in France where, as I've heard before, the people are so proud that even though they pay high taxes for it, No One will ever go bankrupt from medical bills in France, the sicker you are the less you pay.
I watched the report and then said out loud to my screen,
"In America they just send you home to die."
Because that's how I feel after seven years of going to one doctor after another trying to figure out what is crippling me, what is causing all these strange symptoms.
They don’t believe me.  They get irritated with me because I don't respond to the medicine they prescribe, treat me like it's my fault that I get rashes and other side effects that make it impossible for me to try yet another brand of that same family of medicine.
Meanwhile, they will never give you a pharmaceutical that actually makes you feel better
So I  have come to call the American system of medical care, "Hostile medicine."
Since I'm a journalist, I'm not going to stop here.  Hostile Medicine is the title of a file where I'm going to start collecting articles.  I already learned something this morning, a concept of value-based reimbursement models  which is apparently a concept introduced in 2012 that is just one small part of the reforms instituted by Obamacare, so of course the doctor writing this article doesn't like it:
I love it when I see these long essays published by business man doctors who continue to argue against changes in the health care system bk it's buying them plenty of extra houses. 
If anyone wants to share a Hostile Medicine story with me, I'm taking notes, contact me, I'll interview you for this project. 

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