Monday, July 4, 2016

Whatever happens after death, we all have to wait to find out

You gotta laugh at these guys who are absolutely certain beyond a doubt of what happens after we die. Truth is, it's all speculation, sorry folks, even the stuff in the Bible, it may be "prayer inspired" speculation, the writers may even believe they were communicating with God when they wrote it. Since the dawn of time people have been writing down what they THINK the after life is, and in some cases those ideas have been published and repeated so many times that they've developed a following.
But No Human Being Really Knows what happens after we die.
Since I'm approaching a 68th birthday, these ideas of what happens next seem to fill my head, a lot more than when I was in my twenties and thirties, that's for sure.  I chuckle when I read that the Catholic Church has now admitted that Hell itself is really just something some monk thought up centuries ago, and the idea got repeated so many times that it developed a following. 
But I think there may be something to that idea of hell.  Only we're living in it now, in the time we spend here on Earth (this is my speculation now).
Because of pain. I mean, we are born on this planet with this thin, hyper-sensitive layer of tissue covering every part of our body.
Whose Idea Was That? And WHY? 
Every part of our body is covered with this stuff that is So Fricking Sensitive, it is soft tissue made up of almost Nothing But Hyper Sensitive cells
Touch it wrong and you will be in agony for hours. Cut into it or through it and you'll be in agony for days weeks and months.
Being born with a layer of tissue that feels pain so easily and always and for so long?
Doesn't that sound like punishment?

I wonder sometimes.  We all know we have a limited amount of time here, 80 years or so in Earth measurements. Then we have the karma of when we're born and where and how and who to, and all that seems to play into what those 80 years on Earth are going to be like.
Thanks to science and technology of the 20th Century we now know that Earth is only a tiny blue dot in the midst of this massive thing that was created somehow by some Thing or Entity somewhere.
And we are, for lack of a better word, sentenced to 80 years on this painful place.
Makes me wonder.
How did I end up here and where am I going next?
I sense deep down that our time here has something to do with doing the right thing, I've experienced Instant Karma and watched it happen to others over and over, I've always had a sense that there is something much bigger out there, larger than anything we have access to when we're living on this planet. I mean, just look at the size of the universe. There's got to be more to life than 80 years on Earth.
But what that other thing is- it's beyond our pay grade when we're down here. No way we can even get to one of those distant galaxies to get a different perspective, not as long as we're stuck in these bodies.

So yeah death approaches, wow can't wait.
I look forward with anticipation to seeing what happens next and feel bad for those guys who blow themselves up thinking they're going to Paradise next. I have a feeling they're discovering there are places even worse than Earth in this vast creation. 

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