Saturday, July 2, 2016

It just feels so good to hate

I watch Trump supporters being interviewed in the news and you can see the hate come up in them, I know because I've felt that hate myself, and I can see the hate happening in Trump supporters in the news the way it's happened in me any number of times in my life.
The things that come out of their mouths are like something they've been wanting to say for So Long but never have until now, at least not out loud. But often at home when no one is around the words spill out in a whisper:
Damn trans genders, why can't they accept life on life's terms, what they're doing just ain't natural. 
Those fixed income people aren’t really disabled they're just conning the government and stealing my tax dollars.
Now a normal decent human being will dismiss thoughts like these after carrying them past first reaction. They'll consider the loving nature of a trans gender person they met, or the woman in the wheelchair who depends on disability, or they'll just remember the Golden Rule, do unto others, love thy neighbor, those Christian values that are part of American life, or at least they used to be…
A normal person dismisses the hateful thoughts that come up and falls back on compassion
But there's a cool new thing the kids are doing, a new wave, you could call it the "I got mine, who gives a fuck about you" trend.
I think it started with Newt Gingrich in the 1990s, along with perverted versions of Ayn Rand ideas. Now it's morphed into Donald Trump in 2016, and the end result is people now think they can express all those knee-jerk reactionary hateful thoughts out loud, on camera, indeed take out ads or post them on websites using copyrighted material without permission.
And yes it's okay now, take a deep breath, let all that true deep down human hate come up and out of you that you've held in for so long, now you can, now you can. 
It's become cool to be mean and selfish.
God help us.
By Kay Ebeling
Not just L.A. the city of angels is everywhere

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