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A Coup Not an Election cont'd.

Kay Ebeling
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T won the election by controlled media putting lies lies lies out. Is anyone investigating WikiLeaks and the last batch of emails that dominated the news at the end and turned out to be nothing? Nothing but Putin controlling our election.
it was not an election, it was a coup and wow, no Supreme Court to resolve it. None of this was legitimate and I'm leaving the country by Jan 20. 

"This is a familiar pattern, indicative of electronic rigging."


Now they call us unpatriotic for not just quietly going along? They say this is the American way of doing things. It's Not. Nothing about this election was normal and, Repubs, remember your primary. He did it to you then now he's doing it to the whole country. Taking control.

What Canadians understand, I hope, is that I'm not “moving to Canada.” I consider myself a refugee. In past five years in three different locations in America- in Chicago, Lancaster, and now Tahoe- I've had hostile menacing neighbors harassing me because I'm a retired journalist who still publishes blogs and letters that are usually progressive and critical of things. 
After I spent seven years writing about pedophile priests, and getting used to taking sh-- for my work from demented Catholics, I branched out to criticize all the fucked up stuff in the country, no matter who I insult. It's just something I do. It should not make me feel threatened, not in the USA.
We used to respect the First Amendment and reporters in America but something has changed last few years. When a woman in her sixties feels threatened by her neighbors, it's a sign of something brewing underneath that will be let loose when this new President takes office January twentieth.
So when I arrive in Canada, it will be as a refugee. I will probably live in Air B&Bs and hotels, I'll have my income, I'll spend my money there, but I'm an American who feels compelled to leave my home because of radical political developments that have put me in danger.
I hope Canadians understand that.


trump will probly remove all the safety regs that have kept the private space program from growing. So a lot of guys will blow up on launch pads, but the Space Industry will grow, as everyone rushes to get off the planet

"Liberals are going to be like, whoa, wait a minute, wait, that's not fair, you know. So get the game face on everybody, now, because they are deadly serious and it will be years before we undo the damage of their first ten days... Seriously, it's going to look like a Marx Brothers movie. Congress will go [MAKES NOISE] and new bill, over to the White House to sign." Michael Moore

The filmmaker says the demonstrations that have broken out in the wake of Donald Trump's victory are only going to get bigger.

Interesting that a first concession Trump is making to the left is that he will build infrastructure. Like highways. Like the autobahn that Adolph built when he first took office, which made him so popular. Wow. I had pegged T as more of a Mussolini.

Around February people will begin to wonder where that peaceful transition went, but it will be harder to find out, bk so many First Amendment rights will also have disappeared.

This photo feeds my conspiracy damaged brain: Putin arranged for Melania to meet Trump in 1996 and wow him, she may really be "incredibly smart" as T says, as she's KGB. She's been whispering in Donald's ear then going to the server and emailing Vladimir all this time. They even had her do this photo shoot so someday, in their decades of hatred for America, a photo like this would circulate, further degrading us. That word "degrade" took on military tones in past decade or so. Well this photo of Melania degrades us. Forever.

Kay Ebeling plus, isn't it funny that she is "grabbing her p--ssy"?

democrats should respond to Donald same way repubs did to Obama, but they won't, bk we are nicing ourselves to death. Dems will go along, continue to look for compromise and coexistence, even now under the crush of a power that has no intention of playing fair. We will be nice while they roll over us and create tyranny
If your complaining about your Medicare costs and Obamacare costs going up, don't blame the man or the party thats working for you, blame this man and his co conspirators. If you need further proof, wait till you see what they do after 1/20/17.

"Americans haven't experienced it and don't know how to recognize the signs," but people in other experienced countries are frightened, wow, once again a guy on the news this time Dick Engle is saying what I've been screaming inside. Look at what Trump is saying. Americans are in a bubble. George Washington is not here to protect us, or Abe, or even Obama. We are ripe for a dictator to take over while we sit here with a grin, waiting for that peaceful transition of power that we've always had up until now...

Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about lessons learned from when other countries have elected an authoritarian and how to recognize signs of eroding democracy.

Nope, Americans take days off and watch sports. Now. They won't in a few years. 
plus americans have not been taught History in schools for at least two generations...

and this is only day 3
This will not lead to less violence in Syria.

The president-elect has often spoken about cooperating with Russia, which is backing a Syrian military offensive in Aleppo.

a guy this determined to turn people against journalists has something up his sleeve. First thing a despot has to do is get rid of the journalists.

In case anyone forgot, from last spring. Again. In my extreme sights, I think Putin started Fox News to create a population of misinformed people who then were ripe for a candidate like Donald Trump, a "useful fool" who often boasted he'd like to run for President. This was not an election, it was a coup by media manipulation. It took them 20 years and they did it. 

Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendi Deng is dating Russia’s president Vladimir Putin — all the details

Trump is what the KGB calls a "useful fool"
I went to watch late night comedies for the week on Hulu as is my habit, the opening monologues for comedy therapy, but today... nothing from before Wednesday matters. Anything they said on Tuesday no longer applies, certainly will not be funny. The country and comedy changed with the election returns.

Another reason Canada looks good is now that global warming prevention will stop, they will have days like Southern California there in a few years. I'm just saying...
at least I'm not a lesbian Islamic journalist, then I'd really be in trouble...

I was going to go to the Canadian border with all my stuff in a Uhaul, then realized that might just make it harder to get across...

I wish republicans would remember how shocked and lost they felt when Trump took their primary. Now he's done same to whole country and repubs just shrug and go along.

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