Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fox style Misinformation now will be everywhere, it already started last night

It already started last night. As I drifted to sleep, election results with the volume low lulled me until I realized: They're already doing it. The false equivalency that derailed this election 180 degrees from the truth is being carried over to the transition period between presidents. So there were the pundits, turning Trump’s “policies” into current events. A well coiffed black woman from some organization repeated that refugees need to be vetted much more carefully. Over and over the pundits referred to Trump as a billionaire and a successful businessman when no evidence of either came up during the election. The con artist with blatant ties to Putin and Sheldon Adelson has now become conventional, accepted. Our pressed out media models will now repeat Trump’s dunce like campaign statements with perfect elocution and with emphasis on just the right syllables, making this neo-Nazi leader seem almost reasonable. It already started last night.

for 9 (nine) days in the last 2 weeks of election the news repeated over and over that Hillary might be indicted, that there was something criminal in the KGB / FBI Leaked Emails. Come on, guys.

I love it when I know others are saying it too

John Fugelsang
15 hrs
Russia hacked for him.
The FBI director shilled for him.
Wikileaks leaked for him.
And he kept telling us it was rigged.
Listening to news of election while working on documentary about L.A. Riots, I'm reminded of the time in 1967 when I performed in the play No Exit while tripping on LSD. Wonder why.

Syria? Just do what Russia wants to do. Listening to France 24 I just surmised the real reason Putin backed and rigged Trump's election. 

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this is not the misogyny and racism of our forefathers. this is different

at least I live in a place where I can click a website and have the best hash and weed in the world delivered in a half hour. That will get me through this.

He kept telling us it was rigged. We should have paid more attention

It won't help to run to Canada. This right wing coup is global. Stock up on powdered milk and rice, etc.

It's over. The great United States is about to turn into something different. I agree with Bill Maher, this was a right wing coup, part of the right wing coups that are happening all over the globe, but go ahead, pop some popcorn and watch Netflix, this will all be a movie some day.

I don't agree that Bernie could have won. The KGB FBI fox news machine would have found a thousand ways to tear him down. This is not about thinking people making decisions, this is Dumbed Down Uneducated America walking right into a trap.

anyone in PA or Iowa who voted for Jill Stein to "make a point" boy did you.
omg, a pundit just pointed out Obama will have to hand the presidency over to the man who led the Birther movement. OMG. 

"Outside money poured into Wisconsin" per NBC, and does anyone else remember the sudden infusion of $26 million to Trump through Sheldon Adelson two weeks ago. This stinks

OMG four years of Eric and Don Junior telling us how to live bk they have so much experience of life you know.

OMG four years of Melania
Actually, her beauty is only thing that is making this presidency palatable to me

If Fox News had not filled the country with misinformation, this would not have happened. Misinformation is a KGB specialty. Wonder what will happen tomorrow.

now we get to watch the billionaires "drain the swamp" and play games with the economy applying libertarian ideas and we all get to live in the aftermath.

bill maher said last week we are experiencing a right wing coup that includes the FBI and KGB. wonder what tomorrow will bring.

embarrassed, bk as I read overseas news outlets, they understood the potential danger in Trump better than ill-informed Trump voters, who live in a Fox bubble with alternate truth.

the American people chose to be stupid, now we get what we deserve

Through Fox, Breitbart, Limbaugh et al, they let obvious twisted news stories feed their hate. They want the US government to fail, so now the whole globe gets to go along for the ride.

nothing will ever be the same, all analogies from before last night no longer apply

no one will agree with me on this one, But I Predict that Trump will eliminate Obamacare and replace it with Single Payer, because I think he is following a basic Nazi template. By building the autobahn, Adolph endeared himself to the German population who may have opposed him earlier, the highway was "Something wonderful and amazing" just like Trump says his replacement of Obamacare will be.
oh well, Rome became a greater place after it fell. Wonder what rents are like in Portofino, Italy. Going to check craigslist now.

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