Friday, November 18, 2016

Timeline of an Unfriending

Kay Ebeling shared Union Thugs's photo.
17 mins

Allan Rodzinski
Allan R That private server is serious business - I will explain it to you. I am HRC and I take your money for some state secrets I will sell you which is treason. To cover-up this treason I will put the secrets on my private server which you can easily hack. This will give me plausible deniability and you have the secrets you payed for in the guise of a donation to my money laundering foundation.
Kay Ebeling allan you are full of Kool-Aid
Like3 mins
Kay Ebeling It is much easier to hack a government server and this propaganda no longer applies, Trump won. Haven't you noticed the story has disappeared about her private server. It was pure propaganda and now they don't need it.
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Kay Ebeling one more idiot reply and I'm unfriending you. You have drunk the Fox Kool Aid and I do not want anything to do with brainwashed people
Like2 mins
Allan Rodzinski
Allan R Its the other way around...Fox was not promoting Trump!
Kay Ebeling goodbye nut case
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Did not just unfriend him, blocked him

just unfriended another one. That Fox - Breitbart Kool-Aid has infected Way Too Many americans, and I really look forward to about 2 years in Canada soon. I guess that is how I'll live my life from now on. About 2 years in one place, save enough to move next place, stay there two years, save for next move. Until I drop dead in some remote and unknown place.. . . I'm very healthy that won't happen for a while. But I do not even want to Live Near people who voted for Trump, they are brainwashed with Hate. They let themselves be brainwashed with hate. Awful


Someday I hope someone investigates how Fox News was used to basically brainwash our military. Because from what I've heard over and over, on our overseas bases, the only source of news throughout our entire time in Afghanistan and Iraq has been Fox News. In the barracks and the commissaries, Fox News pipes in through Armed Forces media, so the troops think they are being told the truth. 
If you don't think that's alarming, I wonder about you. 
Our troops are in a foreign country and their only news from home is stuff cooked up by Breitbart and Roger Ailes delivered by M Kelly and her spokesmodel twins, using glossed lips and cleavage to deliver an anti American message?
So now when you meet these guys who’ve come home recently from overseas bases, and talk to them, they are totally immersed in that information and anything you say that sounds slightly Hillary will be met with a sneer. As if the Left are the ones who've drunk the Kool-Aid.
Who the F decided to feed the troops a diet of nothing but Fox News. Of course they all voted for Trump. . .
(Gotta get to work)

Another FB Friend bites the dust

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