Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hiding in the Woods because...

glad I was not an employed journalist last two decades as when the Trump patrol comes to round up the reporters, it'll pass me by. I'm just a broke old lady in a resort town, hiding...

Hate to say it but Hillary fell for Trump’s reality show type trick in this election. She's spent the last months pointing out to people that he's a jerk when that was obvious. Trump was running as a jerk. As a result the dialogue descended into penis talk instead of policy. That was a trick by Trump and she fell for it. And, well, if he wins, expect anarchy, and learn the skills of a criminal, or a reality show winner, you'll need them. 

tempted to spend now until Nov 9 draining the liquor bottles I've left a little in over last year, one at a time. But this little old lady aint self destructive, just pissed. 

Let's see, the Sunnis are the Bad Guys, right, Shiites are the establishment Iraqis who were tortured by Saddam Hussein and now they're the good guys, right? But wait a minute, if the Saudis are Sunnis, and the Saudis are the good guys, does that mean the Sunnis are the Good Guys now and Saddam Hussein was on our side all the time. But wait a minute, didn't the Saudis finance and run the Nine-Eleven attacks on us. If so how can the Sunnis be the good guys and the Saddam Hussein have been the bad guy.
I'm trying to sort all this out as I drip hot water over coffee grounds when I burst out laughing. I'm an old woman in her kitchen in California, what am I doing even thinking about who’s who or what in the Middle East. From here it looks like they're all just trying to kill each other.
Then I think about the random killings here, the insanity that permeates our culture down to the frothing mouths of voters at Trump rallies. This insanity seems to be covering the globe, just taking different forms depending on the geography.

Loooked all over for this then:
I Found It! Thanks Rocky Mountain Mike for this parody: 


There was a server in Trump Tower connected directly to Russia. When reporters and the FBI found it and asked questions about it, the server disappeared. This is just one thing the FBI has found about the Trump campaign and let the rest of us know. Today's criminals are very good at deflecting attention from their crimes onto innocent people, while the bad guys go right on perpetrating. 
 Oh mama, when will the mother ship come and take me away!!!

The FBI has had knowledge of Trump's connection to Russia since the summer


Why would a candidate say "get rid of regulations" at same time he says he's for law and order? So, get rid of laws except the ones I want to enforce, is what he's saying. and getting away with it.

they aren't going to let her win. i'm fricking scared

thank god for comedy
According to Sean Hannity, the evidence that Clinton killed Lincoln came mainly in the form of emails.

Responding to the allegation, Mrs. Clinton issued a terse statement indicating that she could not have participated in Lincoln’s assassination because …


I hear a news story, click on a video about it, see reporters I respect and Realize the Scowl of Fear on their faces is exactly the same as mine. It's one shock after another, is this Shock Doctrine being used on us? This is weird.

a massive infusion of cash filtered through two people last month could change the direction the world is heading. Something like $26 million from Sheldon Adelson, casino owner, alone? Anyone else suspicious of this? Then this email weirdness 11 days before the election? Sh-----

The nominee is about to receive two of his largest donations to date.

Omg, since the October surprise, the election will now focus on Anthony Weiner's penis and which server did he use to send pictures of it and I'm getting so turned off that I have not even filled out my mail-in-ballot. So Turned Off to this whole campaign. Just let Obama keep the job, american democracy has become a total sham and I have not heard one word about fixing social security. f---

The latest emails will have no importance BUT trumpinistas will bang and bang and bang about them, those easily aroused to hatred will rally behind Trump yelling, lock her up lock her up, when it's nothing but manipulation of news and vulnerable humans, which is Putin's main skill. And Trump awards tricks like this all the time on his reality show. And I'm on Craigslist looking for an apartment in Nova Scotia or even farther...

The Trump Campaign is totalitarian - repeat a lie often enough and loud enough and eventually everyone just caves and gives in and either believes it or gives up. That is what the right in the USA is doing over and over, and since there has been Dark Money from who knows where flooding our politics since 2010 (Citizens United decision) I mean, wow. Plus it is happening so fast, with one lie after another thrown out there and no one can finish explaining one bk five more lies show up. People, we are under an Attack by Information, it started with Fox News, i've been saying this for years and now it is coming to fruition wow. It's so big, so overwhelming, and now it's defeating as well. I'm fucking scared.

maybe it's the secret sauce. Fast food ingredients are damaging American brains making them latch onto a hate campaign and, laughing their heads off, vote for Trump

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