Thursday, September 20, 2012

All low income housing should be nonprofit


I mean what can you expect.  
I got dropped off in West Virginia 
in June 2011 
with seventeen moving boxes 
and no friend in sight?  
I'm lucky I made it out alive.  
This was the house across the street:

Berkeley Springs WV neighbor, 2011 -
Photo by Kay Ebeling

Slumlords can’t charge high prices.
They're renting slums.  
So the only way left for them to profit is to rob poor people, committing fraud and unfair business practices.
As a result slumlords have free reign over 
poor people who rent from them. 

When I moved last June, 
there was no legal reason 
for my landlady to keep 
my $800 deposit, 
so she just made up a reason, and kept it. 

Low rent landlords have to rob poor people 
to stay in business. 

So all low income housing should be nonprofit.  
(Would you believe this post was once 
a 12-hundred word long essay 
that I worked on for days, 
but it really does not even 
deserve posting, 
so I cut it down to 
3-4 paragraphs 
so I can just get on to writing 
the next post. 
Then the darn template
kept cutting off the ends of lines
so I had to format it like a poem

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