Friday, September 28, 2012

Ryan could lose House seat on top of VP, per Randi Rhodes minutes ago


From Randi Rhodes three minutes ago:  

"Everyone in the House has to run, we could replace them all.  If you don't like Boehner, get rid of him.  Wouldn't it be something if Paul Ryan lost his House seat on top of losing Vice President.  People in Janesville, Wisconsin, see he’s a lying little putz who wants to do away with Social Security and Medicare. 

"You're going to be in the voting booth anyway in their districts.  You can get rid of these people.  We can end this mass madness, just replace them.  You're already there, you're going to get the I Voted sticker, might as well vote out these obstructionists, these Tea Partiers.  It might hurt the American veteran to not have a jobs program, millions of Americans if don't put construction workers to work. 

"Now it's our turn.  Just say no to them all. 

"Boehner is in Dayton, he’s got a bunch of farm land, and he doesn't have an opponent.  What happens if he gets no vote, well if he gets one, I guess he wins.  [LAUGHS] some scam, you can’t even vote them out, there’s no one else to vote for."
Flash Transcripts from City of Angels Network

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