Friday, September 21, 2012

Romney paid 9% tax on $13 million income per Randi Rhodes just now


Thirty five percent, that's the top rate, that's what he should pay.

Just got this quote from Randi Rhodes on a rant about Mitt Romney and the low rate of his income taxes as reported for 2011 today:

Randi:  "He deferred the charity deduction so Romney’s effective tax rate is nine percent.  He deferred so that we wouldn't say that on $13 million of income, he only paid nine percent tax, while the guy up the street is paying fifteen percent." 

CALLER in Arizona:  Romney gave 1.7 percent to charity, but he has to give at least ten percent to the Mormon Church to stay at his level in the religion.  

"Wonder if that charity claim he makes is actually his giving to the Mormon Church."

 [City of Angels:  Donating to your religion for your eternal salvation is not charity.]. 

Randi:  "Romney is trying to make it look like he’s a regular guy because he paid 13 percent on $42 million. 

"Thirty five percent, that's the top rate, that's what he should pay."

Rhodes is a radio host on Progressive Talk, I listen through KTLK in Los Angeles weekday afternoons. 
Flash Transcripts from City of Angels Network

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