Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wind Power: Bobby Kennedy Jr Segment on Ring of Fire Radio Today

"In North Dakota every farmer in the state wants a wind farm on their property.  An acre is $800 for a corn field, $3800 an acre if they add a wind farm.

Here is a rough fast transcript for the interview that took place on Ring of Fire Radio moments ago.  Bobby Kennedy interviewed Stefanie Penn Spear, founder of EcoWatch about wind farms (09.15.2012) :

BOBBY KENNEDY:  The energy source with the most untapped potential is wind.  EcoWatch Founder Stefanie Penn Spear who is also owner of a business that installs wind farms in the Midwest, is here to talk about how wind energy can transform America [on Ring of Fire Radio today].  Talk about the impacts of wind on the United States in the future. 

STEPHANIE SPEAR: Wind power creates jobs, new manufacturing jobs, it's important to invest in wind, important that we incentivize it.  To create clean power for our country. 

K:  Goldwin, a company in China, manufactures turbines and owner says he would dump his product on the U.S. but he couldn't afford to compete with infra structure being built in the American wind industry, and it's being built locally.  Electricians, construction workers, these are all American jobs. 

Wind power is creating American jobs now. 

We have 75 thousand Americans employed by this industry almost as many as employed in the coal industry.  We have 86 thousand Americans working in solar. 

These are better jobs than coal and oil, clean jobs, jobs that benefit the community, they don't cut down mountains, don't give the employees black lung.  In the coal industry you have a few people getting rich.  Wind is a much more equitable industry, where profits are shared, and the community benefits.

S:  Today we posted a report from National Resources Defense Counsel all about wind and a clean energy future for our country.  Also production tax credits for wind are coming up for vote in Congress perhaps this week.  Incentive is necessary for wind development, as cost of fuel production is subsidized and a subsidy is vital for wind in our country.  We could lose jobs. 


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K: What is the number of persons a wind farm employs?

S:  There’s more employment during installation, but then wind needs to be maintained.  All the parts and pieces and manufacturing of turbines creates long standing jobs, components, blades. 

K:  This is an American resource.  In this country we have better wind than any other nation in the world.  North Dakota has one of the windiest places in the world.  There is enough wind in Texas to power the entire U.S. grid.  Wind is cheaper than coal and oil, far cheaper than nuke, and wind energy can be American made.  It's something that both republicans and democrats should want.

In North Dakota every farmer in the state wants a wind farm on their property.  An acre is $800 for a corn field, $3800 an acre if they add a wind farm. 

Two problems they're facing in Wind Power is lack of liquidity in the market and wind farms can’t hook up to grids so can’t get financing. 

S:  We need to invest in our grid system.  

Flash Transcripts from City of Angels Network

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