Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mondo Cane USA 2015

Hey, all you guys afraid of your own military training in US cities. guess what. Wars are being fought in cities, our soldiers need to train. READ A HISTORY BOOK for cripes sake and stop hating your own government, who do you think is going to be there for you if there really is a war on US ground? Jesus with an AR15? Who is filling people's heads with this craziness that you can't trust your own govt but the neighbor on crack with a stockpile enough to blow up a small town is okay... argh once again, renouncing.

to me, banning the word nigger or the confederate flag is PR. When people stop using the word and flying the flag bk they want to, then we as a nation have progressed, until then, both are still there and that's the problem. Why are they both still there? I'm afraid we will take these Band-Aid approaches to the problem and five years from now people will still be calling Obama a Nigger, which I hear OFTEN, and picking up guns to shoot each other. We have to do more than change names and take down flags. We have to stop HATING to begin with.

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I have a feeling that when he's "former" president, Obama will say A Lot of things that will shock people. He is Pissed about the 2014 elections, where Demos lost bk they kept him out. I've noticed a change in him since then. He bristles now. I Don't Blame Him!!!

The one above brought in comments from people saying Obama is thin skinned, and another saying all this: 

He was set up for the Photo shoot with Parkers with the "mom's" sister Cottle allegedly from Odgen Utah and he is angry. Little blonde girls and hugs, smiles - after CT State Police Paul Vance and mainsteam media incl CNN's Anderson Cooper announced that 26 children were shot by a young white male who had Asperger's and was born at Exeter NH hospital? 

Check the facts - My sister was Barry's first friend at Columbia, he was pressured to lay off top U.S. Military generals and the CIA is brutal the way they use his mother's ex-boyfriend's illegal activities agaisnst him

Soros - Cheney - Kimmitts - Curtis and also Michael Aquino - pure evil

to which I have to reply, huh? 

Obviously there are people getting an entire different set of news than the rest of us. The above commenter is a woman from Florida who when I checked on her Timeline, I saw she is also afraid of military exercises in Ocala. 

Someone is purposely turning Americans against our own government, using hatred and ignorance as a tool to get in with this propaganda, and it is eating away at the country from inside. People are full of false information that they get from "websites" and "email lists" and "newsletters" and 

What is the origin?  

They have Fox News and also other sources- there is a whole population being fed an Alice Through The Looking Glass version of news and truth and believing it, now they are in second generation. 

This is weird. 

Look at your source. 

Who owns the website you are reading and believing? 

Where did they get educated ?

Follow the money. 

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