Saturday, June 6, 2015

The roots of our Mania

They've taken the concept of forgiveness way out of proportions.  Under the fundamentalist belief system, God will ALWAYS FORGIVE, so as long as you pray afterwards, you can pretty much get away with anything, which was probably not the original intent of the doctrine, but it is what we are living with today.

American Christians believe you just take it to the Lord and ask forgiveness, then do whatever your pastor tells you to do for “penance” and all is reconciled. 

Hmm, sounds familiar.  Sounds an awful lot like Confession, which is a Sacrament in the Catholic Church, one of many aberrations cooked up by the Vatican to find out what the peasants were up to. 

No.  Taking it to the Lord is not enough.  There are thousands of other people in your community affected by your crimes and we live on the planet too. 

Oh god I wish these fundamentalists would shut up.

Hmm, within seconds after putting up this post, my internet connection crashed, just like I noticed the last time I put up a post about the Vatican lie.  So I posted this on Facebook,
Something I have not told anyone until now. Within a week after moving here, this guy was in my email with Father Peter Dunne in the subject line, infering that he was another victim of that priest. I gave him my phone number. He was not a victim, just knew about the priest. When I told him I felt like someone was working behind the scenes against me after starting this blog, he jumped in as if waiting to say to me, "They are like the KGB, CIA, and Hamas all rolled into one. Some of them grew up in orphanages and so were trained by priests like Peter Dunne. As adults they joined this sort of paramilitary force working for the Vatican. They will not give up, they are relentless." I never heard from him again. That is honest to god truth. I am not making this stuff up. The quote is not verbatim as I think I am just now realizing how freaky that was, combined with this other... one more move then I"m done. No One Will Know Where I'm Going this time.

-Kay Ebeling 

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