Saturday, June 6, 2015

Another Madrugada on Facebook

Wonder what sleeping is like. . .
    Jesus was a rabbi who was assassinated for his radical ideas, yet growing numbers continued to live by what he preached, making them independent thinkers, difficult to rule. So the Emperor of Rome co-opted Christ's message to keep the people under control. They built The Vatican, produced the Bible, grew the Church, and this whole mess resulted. If one reads History as well as the Bible, one realizes this. But We Are The Ignorant Americans. We believe the Vatican fairy tale with our own aberrant additions, so we get leaders like Denny Hastert and Josh Duggar and George W. Bush, ignorant guys with that dumb happy look you see in so many fundamentalists' eyes. PURPOSELY IGNORANT
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    A religion that 80 percent of its purpose is to tell everyone else to join their religion or be Doomed produces Duggars, Hasterts, um, how many others? Fundie Christians are FREAKS. Shut up and listen to other people we are ALL TIRED of hearing your stupid fairy tales. And LOOK WHAT IT PRODUCES!!!!
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    PS Dennis Hastert lists his religion as "born again Christian" - 'nuf said
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    "My brother is not a rapist or a pedophile" says the girl who's grown up home schooled in a small town with almost no one else in her life but her fundamentalist family and yet she's On Television saying "inappropriate touching" by her brother is okay. What Does She Know About Anything? Why is she even On The News to begin with? Yet if I watch or read news this week, the Duggar story is ALL I HEAR, that and that Dennis Hastert raped boys. Um, I think we All have our priorities totally fucked up
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    Michael Brown was a thug for stealing a cigar, Treyvon for eating Skittles with tea (getting high, right) but Josh Duggar is an upstanding citizen bk he was under 17 when he molested his sisters. So tired of Fox directing morality in America and the resulting Hate fueled hypocrisy that dominates us.


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