Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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    Like I said, America is getting way too dumb, the Pope has a masters in Chemistry

    Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said this week that he was a “huge fan” of Pope Francis but that the pontiff should stop buying into the global warming...
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    People who use hyperbole are Worse Than Hitler - John Fugelsang
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    As I work through the night, I have CNN or one of them on with sound off, and seems like when I glance up, almost always there is a misspelled word in the chyron or the verb tense is off in the headline streaming under the story. This is serious. CNN has staffers now who can't spell, I read a New York Times story yesterday that sounded like a junior high principal making a silly speech to his students, this is serious, folks, america is becoming really dumb.
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    In some software multibillion is one word, in others not. Interesting to watch morphology of language...
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    also, hate to say it, but Cars are destroying Lake Tahoe and no one wants to face that truth. it is really depressing to see this invasion of tourists in fossil fuel burning bundles filling the air with their crappy smoke that they then leave behind, it lingers over the water getting absorbed, and day after day Lake Tahoe becomes more full of nitrates, the bluest clearest lake is turning green and murkey before my eyes and it may cause me to Have to Move, AGAIN, like it or not, this kind of thing really gets to me. It Stinks since summer started from All The Fucking Cars.
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    has anyone else noticed that little by little, every site on the internet begins to look more and more like a Tabloid full of ads? When you look for the subject of a story, it is hidden between two gifs for some product. It is getting harder and harder to find content due to all the advertising. I've been on the internet since 1994 and it used to be a serene place. It is getting now more like Shanghai it's been shanghaied...
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Six corporations own 90 percent of media now in the US and we wonder why we aren't getting the whole stories?
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The US needs a 12 step program. Can't wait until they get to Step Nine.
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Ayn Rand had to take meth to write, her literary agent scored it for her, as that was the only way she could finish her looooooooong books that now Rand Paul et al think are the new Bible. She was a tweaking Speed Freak for Cripes Sake!!! Look it up. And THAT is the twisted philosophy upon which this entire "privatization" idiocy is based.

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