Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More fun on Facebook on a Tuesday this time

    If Trump is President 
    the USA will become 
    a casino that loses money

    OH no I am agreeing with D Trump his announce speech right now, bring the jobs home from China et al, but... is it too late? He also said it out loud, we owe 1.5 trillion dollars to China. "How did we let that happen?" Weird, as he said that, I was saying exact same words. How did we let that happen. Still, he sounds more like a con artist than a president, maybe it's the Brooklyn-ese accent and Oh Wow, his hair is white and thin, almost looks real!
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    Omg seabrook texas is going underwater NASA mission control is just up from there oh boy this storm is going to go on through Thursday said one report
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    The rich man who thinks people should work until they die as a hypocrite. In many places in the gospels Jesus emphasizes not being materialistic and giving to others as he does in Mark 10:21:Jesus looked at him and loved him. Then he told him, "You're missing one thing. Go and sell everything you own, give the money to the destitute, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come back and follow me." If this man truly was a real Bible believing Christian, he would give away everything he had to the poor. He has not done that so he has no right to judge elderly people who retire. For Sean Boswelland Kay Ebeling and Mike Drabik

    WASHINGTON -- Greg Gianforte, a multi-millionaire tech entrepreneur who is "seriously considering" challenging Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) in 2016, doesn't...
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    • Kay Ebeling thanks, that scripture ref is one we all should throw back at Republichristians
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    • Kay Ebeling

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    How Repubs can rescue their party: Have Donald Trump run their nomination like a season of Celebrity Apprentice.
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    Imagine what Hunter Thompson could have done with a blog.
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    Watch Galveston go under the Gulf Live from KPRC Houston streaming

    A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston Harris, Liberty, and Matagorda counties. Calhoun and Refugio counties are also included in the warning.
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    Imagine how horrible news reporting would be if there had been no internet when this corporate takeover happened. Blogs and alternative news websites are Protecting The First Amendment where abc cbs NYTimes et all are failing us. Yay for us bloggers.

    Cardinal Stritch stood over me in 1955 in Chicago and said I had to stop "babbling" to everyone about what Father Horne had done to me. So I kept quiet for 40 years. Now in my late 50s -- I babble.
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    Caitlyn Jenner was NEVER on the rag, he CANNOT claim to be female No No No, just like the white NAACP woman from Spokane can't be Black. You have no claim to victory over burdens when you never faced the burdens. You can't claim to be female without going through the pain, you can't claim to be black without going through the pain. That's my three cents. I knew there was something bugging me about Transvestites, I jsut realized it. You ain't a waoman until you bleeeeeeeed It's way too easy to just put on a dress and shave, there's A LOT MORE TO IT THAN THAT!


    He never went through the emotional hell of being a teenager having her period, uh uh they don't get to have it that easy.  

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