Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It started when Putin created Fox News

Since 1999, Vladimir Putin, former KGB leader, has been running Russia with one title or another, he's a dictator.
In the KGB, Putin specialized in manipulating media to get people to believe things that are not true.
Then Putin found a way to use our own First Amendment to attack the USA from within, without using an ordnance, using our right to free speech as a weapon.
In or around 1995, Putin’s girlfriend moved in with Rupert Murdoch in Australia and the media mogul added Fox News to his empire. They hired the man who brought the expression “dirty tricks” to American political discourse, Roger Ailes, to run the fake news organizations and proceeded to flood America with false information, so well packaged that persons who are not media professionals may not have even realized it was false information packaged as truth. After Murdoch died, the femme fatale moved back to Russia and is now Putin’s girlfriend, who was pictured partying with Ivanka Trump this summer.
For two decades, Fox News used blatant techniques, appealing to people on a level of hatred, to make their points. The “on air personnel” are often women in skirts that rise above their thighs sitting on couches with the camera pointed up their legs delivering the false news stories.
They used techniques perfected by the KGB in Putin’s era such as-
If you repeat a lie over and over again, and present it in different media, until the only message people are hearing is the lie, people will begin to believe the lie.  Everyone, even intelligent people can be mesmerized into believing false news stories, especially if that is all they hear.  
Now for twenty plus years Fox news has flooded the nation with so much false information that well informed people have trouble finding neighbors with whom they can hold a conversation. 
Twenty years of false information, along with cuts to public education, created a dumbed down population and then enter Donald Trump, who, by the way, has this strange relationship with Putin, but of course our media barely covers it.
Because over those twenty years the faux news seems to have overflowed onto other networks and news providers. A kind of believability has been given to the false stories to the point other news sources are including the lies in their stories.
If you repeat it often enough, it will seem to be true.
Plus today we have the internet, where well financed anonymous entities have well maintained websites that are used to repeat the lies.
Dark money keeps characters such as Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh thriving, dark money owns most of the corporations that own the media sources and dark money does not have America’s best interests at heart.
Now we have to live with a population half of whom are so uninformed that they include leaders, decision makers, people in crucial positions in Congress
And Running for President.
What is going to happen next, I wonder.

(Post Note: I admit I have a wild imagination, but this could be true)

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