Saturday, September 17, 2016

Maybe I took too much John Lennon

My fantasy: After the Newsweek report last week caused pandemonium in response to the conflict of interest Trump has with his businesses, he decides to take all his wealth and turn it over to the public, creating jobs and profits that belong to the public, to prove that he is sincere about making America great. Then he encourages other obscenely wealthy people to do the same, voluntarily turn over their assets to the public domain to make up for how obscene the income gap has become in this country. Okay, it's just a fantasy, I listened to too much Beatles music in the sixties I know I know. Truth is, no one seems to have even read the Newsweek story. 

ha ha
Jim Pope
34 minsDanbury, CT
6 years after building a wall and banning Muslims from being in the U. S. Trump grants Obama a path to be a legalized citizen.....
I'm two years younger than D Trump and I sometimes tell lies that are really memories I just got a little off 
at age 68 I'm conflating two or three memories. Like, I too saw people in Muslim clothes victory dancing on 9/11 but they were Palestinians. I remember because we had Palestinian neighbors who dressed exactly the same and when I saw the footage, it freaked me out, but the "dancing Muslims" were In Palestine, or was it Pakistan… see what I mean? At my age my memories get conflated but they're still in there. Good thing I'm not running for president… Inspiration Laurence O'Donnell: 
Donald Trump has told countless lies throughout his presidential campaign, so what changed when Trump finally recanted? Lawrence looks at what would happen if Trump spent the rest of his life retracting one lie per day.

"Stop it" says Barbara Lee (D CA) to Trump at the black caucus press conference. "Stop it." about time. hopefully not too late.

The "birther" campaign was DT's way to develop a following, it's like when you start a PR campaign, first you need a list of contacts. Imagine who got on Trump's contact list in last eight years. He's been beefing up these crowds with hate and empowering them to be racist, so now he can round them up and use them, step on them, to get to the presidency.


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