Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In increments it will become okay to kill us

Hitler did not start killing the Jews on day one, it happened in increments, and poor people are today's Jews.

It might not even be on purpose. There will just be incidents at first. A guy will just be angry so when the opportunity is there to strike, he'll strike. Like a hit and run driver who targets the old woman who obviously has no support so no one will pursue charges, the surgeon who nicks the Medicaid patient in the wrong place, bk this is not what he spent 10 years in med school to do. At first the killings might not even be with Malice.
At first.
But after a lot of poor people get "accidentally" killed, it will become more normal, more accepted. in increments it will become okay to kill us

It's already starting to happen in increments, getting a little worse every day, we are truly frogs in a pot

they can use Medicaid as a way to kill us. think of it. Look at everything else they are doing. there is no reason to trust any of them. Poor people will die from poison prescriptions and botched surgeries if doctors are forced to treat us for lower prices.
they will kill us
just like all those SUVs that aim at me in the crosswalks in Tahoe. I can sense it, I'm not imagining it. They will start finding ways to legally kill us, it will happen in increments, so by the time they get there, we won't be able to stop it.
If doctors are forced to treat us and not get rich from it, they will kill us
Hitler did not start killing the Jews on day one, it happened in increments. Poor people are today's Jews and they Will find ways to kill us.
I wish i were crazy, or paranoid, I wish I was imagining this. I'm not. this was a coup and what do coups do after they've installed themselves? Kill People!!! And if one attempt doesn't kill us, they'll do something else.
Frogs in a pot

Even with Medicaid, they can still kill us with the medicines they prescribe and unneeded surgeries they will do on us to "practice"- so in the USA a public option will not solve the health care problem. In order to survive, poor people in USA need to go back to herbs and dieting for health care until this country stops being the United States of Hate and Greed. This is my conclusion after going to low income health clinics in three different states past 10 years.
They Are Very Willing To Kill Us While Experimenting on Us with Medicine.
If you are Old And Poor, w/no relatives, you are a free and open target

I guess it's easier to kill poor people than provide them with jobs food and housing
THIS DOES NOT REPRESENT ME and I want nothing more to do with it
SHUT UP you fucking traitors

And Also, News Media, SHUT UP about Jared's security clearance you fucking IMPOTENT idiots

So I now know I cannot trust Churches, Doctors, Lawyers, Family, and my Government. wonder why i'm so pissed off
Kay Ebeling oh and let's not forget "survivor support networks"

Posted by Kay
too broke to break outta here

Alcoholics are lucky, at least they've got AA

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