Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Incremental Coup

I watch news online, and it has become Almost Impossible to find anything recent from MSNBC on YouTube, when one month ago I was finding complete shows. They Aren't There Anymore. Also a tile will say MSNBC live stream and then you click on it and it takes you to CNN, sometimes even Fox. Also Fox News is Everywhere on YouTube. Search for news, filter by "today" and Every One of the tiles will be Fox News Fox News Fox News, then maybe a CNN, some international stuff and NOTHING from MSNBC, which used to be there all the time. Even when you find MSNBC channel, the clips are usually one or two days old. All the other News Networks keep their channels updated, Fox Is Everywhere and you can't find a recent story from MSNBC anywhere. Two Months ago I was watching full episodes of all of them, today if you are lucky you find one, and then it's taken down. These are the incremental things the Trump people are doing somehow behind the scenes to control the information we are able to get.

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