Monday, July 3, 2017

We have no idea what the President of the United States is up to but he is not being a President, that is certain.

I don't think Trump can be stopped. Sorry friends, this is not a post to which I'll add a happy emoticon. There is so much power behind him that we aren't going to be able to stop him. not through any conventional means, that's why they did the coup this way, through the presidency. No matter how much we all hate him, there is no way to stop him, he's president, impermeable, which apparently Putin noticed but our own security orgs did not. There was no requirement for the Pres or his family to get security clearances, most important job in US govt and it was this easy to put a traitor in as President. Now ... he's got the most powerful wealthy global oligarchs backing him, this is not the USA anymore. Happy fourth of july

I think Trump is a foreign agent who was put into the presidency to destroy the USA from within, and destroy our relationships with what allies we had left around the globe. Trump is succeeding. He is also w/ republicans who are complicit siphoning wealth out to the foreign oligarchs who are investing / pillaging in USA who now will not have to pay much tax on their income. Happy 4th of whatever

Republicans are steeped in 20 years of Fox News brainwashing and now with Trump they are getting all the extreme economic policies they want, policies the Massive Disinformation Campaign, aka weaponzied information, convinced them are good for the country. So we can't count on Congress to impeach or enact Article 25. This coup was At Least 2 decades in the making and the flooding of rural America with hate radio preaching "libertarian" govt was the base of operations for the coup. 

It amazes me that Americans just let this anti-american message into their homes without even questioning where it came from, and then believed it with such enthusiasm. THAT is the part of 2016 election and what followed that makes me lose hope and not give a shit what happens to this country. Americans did this to themselves by being way to willing to go along with a nationwide Hate Rally. I'm renouncing my citizenship.

When I posted these ideas on Facebook, my Poli Sci professor friend in Houston responded: 

Jaye Ramsey Sutter Yes. We made this possible. Media made this possible. Doubting a woman. Doubting that she meant he was a puppet. Twenty five years of a vast right wing conspiracy to hate her. 

As for Trump? Our fascination with money and rage. He borrowed huge sums 
of money. They called in their marker. He has no choice. If he doesn't they will put the word out he is a traitor. That he has done these thins with full knowledge of what he did. He asked for their help. It won't matter if it is true. How else could this incompetent get where he is? He is trapped like an insect pinned to a display board.

From @DearAuntCrabby on Twitter
"Let them eat aspirin." GOP 2017
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renouncing citizenship in increments

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