Wednesday, November 5, 2014

$4 billion won the election last night. Not any party or candidate, the ENTITIES who spent $4 billion won. And bk of our stupid Supreme Court rulings, no one even knows where the $4 billion came from. But look at the Saudi-Oil-Industry loving people that got elected and then just THINK a minute. THINK oh wait, I'm in the USA people don't do that here, they watch television sigh, America used to be great, now it's a place to live scared hiding from criminals, and it's only going to get worse  Aside from a few men with very short hair and very tight ties, no one wants things to go the way they are going in this country, yet they keep going that way. Wonder why.
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  • Kay Ebeling All those cock sure pumped-up chest right wingers are now going to think people want them. Billionaires want them. People have no voice.
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