Saturday, November 15, 2014

Me and George O, cont'd

They know just what kind of stories to release and when, and they own almost all the media now. So the Corporation message gets out every day, then repeated over and over again, on every channel, all to keep us angry at each other so we won't notice all the outright corruption that has become their daily norm.
Hate campaigns- against immigrants, the homeless, working poor, disabled, the aged, unemployed – release of each day’s sound bite creates something very similar to the hate rallies in the novel and films 1984. Eerily, the message even comes through video screens that are everywhere. So we all get distracted by hatred of the current selected target, while the real criminals are thieving the country blind.
The misinformation campaign is designed to turn us against each other, keep the left and right blaming each other, and distract us while the Global Corporation drains wealth and resources out of our country.
George Orwell is not rolling over, but sitting up in his grave saying, hmm, there's definitely another story to write here.
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