Saturday, November 15, 2014

I'm actually scared, not of terrorists, but of what this global corporate takeover is going to do to our country. I still think this has been an act of incidious war. They don't use conventional weapons, they use our institutions, turn them on us. They did it with airplanes in bldgs, buying up our banks. But now they are going to drill a pipeline down the middle of the country? Really? All while telling us it will bring us Jobs? Holy STromboli americans are so dumb we deserve what we are going to get!!!!
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creating hundreds of future jobs in environmental cleanup and hazardous materials removal
TEApublicans refuse to pass a Jobs bill for 6 Years but will bow down and PIMP for the Koch brothers. If Keystone is built, it is expected to make the Koch brothers $100 billion in profits, making them the wealthiest family in human history. Share this to spread the teapublican shame!
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  • Kay Ebeling plus god knows what it will do to the aquifer under it, I predict Lots of Earthquakes along the Mississippi and, well. . .

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