Sunday, November 9, 2014

Misinformation campaign in full force to discredit the President re attack on Baghdadi

On Fox it's, "IF Obama had not done so bad up until now, these strikes would not be necessary." This is incredible.…/us-led-airstrikes-target-isis-lea…/
A series of U.S. led airstrikes launched Friday targeting what was thought to be a gathering of Islamic State leaders in Iraq, a defense official told Fox News.


"However US forces have had little effect on ISIS's progress in the north." says Press TV (from Iran) sounding exactly like Fox and CNN. No one will dare say Obama has accomplished something good. AGAIN it's naysayers from the start, and Our U.S. Media Sounds Just Like Our Enemies!!!
The so-called US-led coalition forces have launched a series of airstrikes on a gathering of ISIL leaders in northern Iraq. The US military says it cannot co...
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