Friday, November 14, 2014

They Planned this Takeover decades ago

The campaign was designed from the start to turn Americans against each other, keep the left and right blaming each other for the mess the world is becoming, all while global corporate thugs, or The Owners, drain wealth and resources out of the country.  They know just what kind of stories to release, and they own the media to release them, so they're sure their daily message gets out, all to keep us angry at each other so we won't notice all the outright corruption that has become their daily fare. 

Hate campaigns- against immigrants, the homeless, working poor, disabled, the aged, the permanently unemployed – The Owners release their stories in a way that creates something very similar to the hate rallies in the novel and films 1984, eerily even coming through a video screen on the wall.  So we all get distracted by hatred for the current selected target, while the real criminals are thieving the country blind, much like in 1984.  

Where is George Orwell when we need him. 

They planned this Misinformation Campaign as part of their takeover of the country and laid it out decades in advance, right down to stacking the Supreme Court with sycophants who then make sweeping decisions with no accountability.  It's been documented that Clarence Roberts and the David Souter went on holidays with the same corporate execs whose cases they were hearing and then decided in the corporation’s favor.  

They don't even try to hide the corruption anymore.  

All while right wing media convinces you it's the illegal aliens siphoning off your wealth, it's welfare mothers cheating you.

Lies lies lies, they use our inherent instinct to distrust strangers, to hate people who are different from us- that's what makes it so obvious that this is an orchestrated -- 

Wow, I sound like Dahboo77  

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