Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dahboo7 is Rand Paul of American journalism

best place to stay up with what is happening is Dahboo777 hate to admit it, the guy is the Rand Paul of journalism right now
http://www.undergroundworldnews.com Reboluionary Z Is in the Heart of the Action! As you will see in this clip , The Protesters get Bombed with gas and then ...
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  • Kay Ebeling Rand Paul as in I agree with Everything Dahboo says and then he says something that is Too Way Out There Even For Me and I go wha-? But lately I'm beginning to wonder. The way Obama caved and caved and caved, maybe he was the SNAP to the country's survivor movement. Put him in there make it look like we have someone working for us when we really don't. I mean, look at what Obama Did Not Do when he had the chance. That seems to be the tactic the oppressors use. Put in a pretend spokesman for the oppressed, control him, then continue to oppress.
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  • Kay Ebeling I'm beginning to believe that Obama was not really working for us either. Hate to admit it, makes me sad to admit it, but . . . I've had this experience before
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  • Kay Ebeling And now back to my job on Reality TV shows. Today it's an interview with a woman named "Stink." Honest.


Past few years as I've insisted, no, Obama is real, he's genuine, he's working for us, I've noticed I sounded just like people telling me, no, SNAP is genuine, it's working for us, it can't be fake, wonderful sweet faced people like that don't do evil things. . . same pattern same pattern same pattern again and again.


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