Sunday, November 9, 2014

Proof CNN works Against US President and For Whom?

Failure to Report Number Thousand and One

Looks like they took out Baghdadi, but Americans still say our Commander in Chief is doing a terrible job. Why? "American war planes have reportedly launched a strike on a gathering of ISIS leaders, critically wounding their leader. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was hurt in the strikes today, according to local witnesses and government sources." Read more:…/U-S-air-strikes-hit-ISIS-leade… 
By Michael Georgy BAGHDAD, Nov 8 (Reuters) - U.S.-led air strikes have targeted a gathering of Islamic State leaders in Iraq in a town near the Syrian border...
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YouTube is best source of news today, wonder who posted this it confirms Baghdadi is dead, I think
Açıklama Defence officials were unable to confirm local media reports that the Isis boss was among those hit Adam Withnall Author Biography Sunday 09 Novembe...
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SSo CNN and ISIS both are happy that killing Baghdadi will not stop ISIS. And we wonder who is controlling American media today. 

On Fox it's, "IF Obama had not done so bad up until now, these strikes would not be necessary." This is incredible.…/us-led-airstrikes-target-isis-lea…/
A series of U.S. led airstrikes launched Friday targeting what was thought to be a gathering of Islamic State leaders in Iraq, a defense official told Fox News.
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