Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How much intelligence is sailing to Russia while we ask who knew what when?

it's amazing to me how easy it's been for them to infiltrate our govt at the Presidency level and How Long it will take USA to fix this through its constipated system, in the meantime how much intelligence is sailing easily over to Russia while we all sit here going who knew what when. sigh

I Miss Intelligent Republicans
I grew up around Republicans in Southern Calif and even though I rarely agreed with them, you could count on their stolid sane voice in response to liberals pushing the edge out further. We Don't Have That anymore. I miss Jack Kemp, William F. Buckley, Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor, Ronald Reagan, even Barry Goldwater's voice was, if different from mine, at least reasonable, understandable, educated, even sometimes persuasive. WTF?????

jeff sessions investigating michael flynn is like a Catholic Bishop Investigating a Pedophile Priest.

There's a reason the Press is written into the Constitution and the end result of all this Might Be a resurgence of Real Journalism in the USA again. seeing some hope on horizon now

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