Monday, February 20, 2017

They know it is all unconstitutional and do not care bk they are not american

Today I am accepting that a foreign power has control of the US government and we are now being sucked dry of resources, this is what happens to a nation that conducts illegal wars, we are now Occupied - acceptance makes it easier to grasp and understand the Trump presidency. not sure there IS a way out of this, but I think we are paying for aggression in Korea and every corporate use of our military that took place from then on. We went from being a City on a Hill to a War Crime nation, to many, and apparently the rest of the world is not letting us continue. I'm not saying the good guys won, just that... we lost. This is what it feels like to lose one war after another. You ... lose. You watch the winners gloat. You look forward to post-Occupation and look for ways to make it stop, but for now, we are Occupied. By acceptance, you stop wasting time going, look at what they are doing, and trying to make sense of why they put people who are against the agencies in charge of the agencies. Accept that they want to tear us down, stop pointing out what they are doing, THEY KNOW it, and no matter how many times you shout about it, THEY ARE GOING TO CONTINUE TO TEAR US DOWN piece by piece and it is not going to be fair or ethical or even in most cases legal. Don't waste time pointing out that what they are doing is against the Constitution as They are Not American so they don't care. Wow, and today is President's Day, a national holiday in what used to be the USA. 
Trump is making millions pff the Presidency while he allows the country to be turned over to whoever is really running this coup. T and his family are cleaning up financially while the nation gets overrun and occupied by a foreign power.

Posted by Kay
watching the city of angels reclaim the planet by letting it fall apart

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