Saturday, February 4, 2017

    Recently I visited some websites out there that repeat awful stuff like calling anyone who speaks or acts out anti-Trump "snowflakes"- there are dozens of them- and the way articles were headlined, the tone, again, was So Much like 1950s Soviet propaganda, I could hear a Russian accent internally as I read. They attacked us over last 20 years through false information that appealed to people who were primed and ready to hate, more and more of it, until it was ubiquitous. Then those mesmerized people elected Trump. I am stocking up on non perishables and staying home a while.
    Words like "snowflake" are GRU source, they want progressive people to feel stupid for believing what we believe. That kind of name calling is not an idea rooted in thought of someone raised in America, I think, that is sourced by someone from outside trying to do damage. So when someone in your comments starts calling you "snowflake," they are probably GRU
    throwing away more food, have to admit, the Trump diet works. My appetite is just not there, I cook it, eat two bites and throw the rest away. it could be my cooking...
    There Is something weird in the way Congress is being strong armed to go along with this, hope I live long enough to read the truth of what is going on these weeks behind the scenes in future books, how every backbone in the leadership from dem to repub is being broken to go along with this. 
    Stories in news for 4-5 days are no longer relevant... the stuff is coming at us so fast.
    it is taking way too long for americans to figure out what is happening to them in time to respond.
    I have to say, by following hundreds of sources on Twitter, I could just read all day, what is happening worldwide right now is fascinating, frightening, and I'm glad I'm hunkered down, glad I already moved to Tahoe to hide after learning so much about the climate catastrophe that is coming, which we are all ignoring bk the Trump clown show is more ... immediate. 
    The town of Avdiivka has been hit hard this week as pro-Russian rebels battle government forces.

    (At this point all i'm going to do is watch, share an occasional thing, but I Have Nothing More to Say, all I can do is watch )
    The Rude Pundit ‏@rudepundit 19h19 hours ago
    Today, the GOP wants to:
    Allow severely mentally-ill people to buy guns.
    Allow brokers to put their profits ahead of their clients' interest
    ha ha
    (((DeanObeidallah))) ‏@Deanofcomedy 12h12 hours ago
    If trump supporters didn't want Muslims in America then their forefathers shouldn't have kidnapped African Muslims and made them slaves here
    Tahoe will soon be between seasons when hotel rooms get low cost. Please, FB friends, come here and join me, we'll drink to the fall of America, enjoy what's left of a beautiful environment in USA while it lasts, smash our glasses on the highway and give a couple overstuffed limos flat tires.

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