Thursday, February 9, 2017

You think our country is so innocent? Hmm

    can't be surprised by any of it at this point...
    Why did he make that weird phone call to Flynn at "3 AM"? Why did he refer to "getting rid of columns" when he spoke at CIA? They are frigging TOYING with us before ... whatever comes next. I think.
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    Trump, Melania, and Fearless Leader. Let's admit who is really running USA
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    I'm almost glad now I did not get into subsidized senior housing as I'm not sure it's wise to depend on ANYTHING from the govt right now.
    they will do whatever their Leader tells them to do and We Don't Know who "Fearless Leader" is really working for. Happy Thursday. 
    I have an eerie feeling that the coup that is destroying us has something to do with the four-five-six (?) wars we've declared, globally, and lost, yet our planes are still droning. I think those people we've been bombing figured out a way to destroy USA without using weapons, and if nothing else, it's amazing to watch. Not fun to live through but-- I have a job that pays twice what my Social Security check is and none of my money goes to a bank, I just use cash. I went Under  the Grid without planning to bk Wells Fargo and BofA were both thieving thugs to me, hope that helps me now. I suggest others go same direction. I can leave my apt on 30 days notice or faster as they probly won't return my deposit anyway. I still have my boxes packed, I have a suitcase next to my desk here, ready to go. But I may just stay here hiding as ... sh---esh what are they going to do next...
    Voting for things "they absolutely know in their hearts and minds are wrong" says Chuck Schumer describing the pols on the right. SOMEONE has them all by the balls and the US population will pay the price for whatever they did. I Want The Politicians to suffer, not me. but will I get that satisfaction? doubt it
    nothing we do will stop them, they set up this coup to withstand anything we do within the law to stop them, bk they knew the US and how it works better than our own leaders. Now WHOEVER is in charge, we are being positioned exactly where they want us for WHATEVER they are going to do next. Glad I was already hiding in the woods when this started...
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