Thursday, February 2, 2017

My religion is Physics. gratifying, leaves no Question unanswered.

Democrats are now like the white guys who helped the plantation owners keep those slaves in line

Melania seems to have disappeared. Perhaps her assignment to snare and turn Trump until he got in office is complete.

Frederick Douglass ‏@FredrckDouglass 11h11 hours ago
Not knowing who I am is what happens when you copy your homework from Steve Bannon. #trumpblackhistory
ha ha there is hope

Soooo, ummm . . . President Trump just  described Frederick Douglass at a Black History Month Event as follows:  "Frederick Douglass is ...
They voted for him out of GREED and now they are Responsible for the Downfall of the Nation. Hope you like your stock certificates when they are Useless and Valueless in One Month, F---ing Traitors!!!

After months of denial, the stock market is dealing with the realization that President Donald Trump means all the things he says, writes Tim Mullaney.
can't wait 'til everyone who voted for him bk they think they're going to cash in on the Trump presidency realizes they're not part of the one percent and no one is going to let them in

Kay Ebeling ‏@cityofangelsfem 18s18 seconds ago
They are rewriting history even when it only happened yesterday
He angered Mexico and Australia in one day. Does Anyone think this president is working for the USA, still?
Thanks to FB and Twitter, when I yell at the News, at least Someone hears me...
Democrats are now like the white guys who helped the plantation owners keep those slaves in line

I feel like the one cow with a few brains trying to Moo to my sisters, don't go through that fence, they never come back once they go through that fence, but on the other side they are dangling shiny bells and whistles so off my fellow cows go and since I am in this meadow, I get herded in too. hmm

Why American politicians are scared of Islam: "Allah has made it obligatory on all those producers of wealth among whom wealth in the first place distributed that they should pass in to them some part of their wealth. And the Holy Quran makes it quite explicit that in doing so they would not be obliging the poor and the need in any way, but only discharging their obligation, for the poor and the needy are entitled to a share in wealth as a matter of rights. Say the Holy Quran:
"In their wealth there is a known right for those who ask for it and those who have need for it."(70:24-25)

American politicians don't hate Muslims for their religion, they hate them bk if Muslims were in charge, they would HAVE TO give up some money and share it with the poor.

Real reason American politicians are scared of Muslims is Sharing Wealth is part of the religion. 
 "Wealth sharing in Islam has its great value and Zakat, the one of the five obligations in Islam that deals with the wealth sharing in Islam has been declared an obligation for wealthy Muslims. Wealth sharing in Islam has lots of beneficial effects on the Islamic society. It makes the rich realize the condition of the poor and to help them. It decreases the differences between the different people of different classes and brings them under one flag of Islam and one community of Muslim brotherhood." 
From Muslim Academy, which Facebook will not link. . .
all we can do now is watch things get so bad that finally Americans snap out of their ... whatever and rein it in. just wondering how bad it can get, after years of Libertarian highways, train tracks, banks. sigh
I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm Flabbergasted

So caught up are we in chaos, the coup progresses one small step at a time. While we're reacting to one attack, there's another and another. No time to see the totality until one day we'll realize we have no more freedom at all. Then what do we do?

My only religion is Physics. It's very gratifying and Leaves No Question unanswered.

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