Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Terror by Neglect: Fox News again is source of our destruction from within

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My first thought was terrorism when I saw pics of the hole that started the Oroville Dam disaster, which is taking place right now.
Thanks to Facebook friends, I was brought back to reality, Linda told me the hole could have been erosion, she’s seen that happen on her rooftop, and that stopped my ranting. Virginia said the real terrorism was the neglect of infrastructure for last few decades, which got me thinking.
Terrorism did cause the Oroville disaster: terrorism by government neglect. The neglect is a result of misinformation that has permeated America since the early 1990s, especially through hate talk radio, which is all you can hear if you drive through our heavily populated rural regions. People I've met who live in areas like Oroville are so enmeshed in the hate talk culture that they don’t even recognize it as hate, they think the ideas they are repeating are patriotic. 
The misinformation campaign, today known as "fake news," convinced Americans to allow the wealthy to not pay taxes. That every man for himself is patriotic, taxes are socialist. I've posted dozens of posts about the Fox-Breitbart-Limbaugh misinformation campaign on this blog last few years most recently here
In rural Northern California where the Oroville Dam may be about to burst, the residents have especially been spouting Limbaugh to Breitbart hate speech for decades now. 
A dam bursting and wiping out homes of millions of families is the result of right wing hate ideology.  It is no accident that an anti-American anti-government ideology permeated the nation last two decades, it was use of information as a military tool. 
Now they can just sit back and watch everything fall apart in the USA, starting with the Oroville Dam. Why go to all the work and loss of flying airplanes into buildings. 
They can just watch Americans self destruct due to lack of cash in local budgets, so our own crumbling infrastructure defeats us. 
I think foreign agents used networks such as Fox News to implant this anti-American political system on us from within, by using mesmerizing communication techniques to convince millions of Americans to vote for the opposite of our own national interest.  Our  foreign enemies- Saudis, Russians, ISIS? we don't even know who yet- but they invaded through media and got us to destroy ourselves. Getting Trump elected was only part of it. 
Watch now as Sacramento gets very wet and we have FEMA performing the national emergency response run by a Donald Trump appointee.
Stay tuned.

sometimes what I write and post is extreme, a little over the edge, but it feels like that is what is necessary right now...

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