Sunday, February 26, 2017

Will Trump bring back real journalism, by default?

    I Look Forward to news stories we'll get now that CNN et al are Not Going to Trump press briefings, as now maybe reporters will put on tennis shoes and beat down doorways to find the real news stories; people who attend press conferences and get on first name basis with PR guys are not reporters. (What I learned as a UT Austin school of Journalism grad class of 1978)
    Every news outlet will run stories today of Obama's jokes about Trump a few White House Correspondent dinners back. This Predictability and Redundancy is what makes the news all seem Fake today
    Glad Bannon put a word to it, "deconstruction" is gradual thing that is happening, the boiling of the pot in which us frogs sit wide-eyed, wondering what's next. I fear when we wake up, we will be Occupied and wondering who it's safe to talk to, eyes to the ground nationwide.
    Jo Miller Welcome to my life in WV. I walk into rooms knowing two out of three WVians voted for tRump. I cautiously look around, then lower my eyes so as not to make eye contact much. Well meaning tRump votes, but, still...
    these trumpers have so much money and yet they are PISSED off all the time. Pissed that poor people might get twenty cents out of their next gazillion and so now Working Hard For the First Time Ever in their Lives so hard to DECONSTRUCT govt bk they want more more more more more that is the united states it has gotten SO FRIGKING UGLY

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