Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tearing up Constitution throwing pieces back in our faces

I think I was in third grade first time I learned about “separation of powers,” in fact the teacher’s face was glowing as she delivered the lesson, as everyone who grew up in America got their education on U.S. Government with a dash of religious fervor.  Americans grow up loving the Constitution and Founding Fathers as if they were godly.
Yet first thing this new president does is dismantle Separation of Powers. 
Everything that comes out of this White House seems to lack that reverence the rest of us grew up with, almost as if this new government is throwing pieces of our Constitution back in our faces as it tears it apart. 

Sigh. Sitting here on my laptop watching the coup take over my nation. Will anyone ever have reverence for America again? 

I can't escape to Canada as thousands of people who are in real danger need the resources at that border. Mexico, however, is looking better to me, but more like to go stay in a hotel and have a cabana boy bring me margaritas for a week or two.

Posted by Kay Ebeling
hoping the city of angels has no borders 

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