Thursday, February 16, 2017

Leaking to Press is Patriotic and Brave, not criminal by any stretch

I am currently Tweeting to every person I can find in govt right now: 

Leaking to Press is Patriotic and Brave, not criminal by any stretch

Doing my part as a little old lady on a laptop
Hopefully encouraging more people to send info to reporters
It costs $1 mill a day to keep Melania secure in her Tower and the USA has not built senior housing in decades

We are in this mess bk Very Crafty propaganda got Millions of Americans to Hate Hillary Clinton, and today those voters probly could not even tell you why they hated her.
    meanwhile as coup continues...
    I think Melania's job in all this is to keep Donald stoned and complacent. Have you heard him in person lately? And his tweets are not being written by native english speakers, seems to me...
    Damage being done to USA now- intel outflow, allies angered- is Permanent and longer it takes to respond, more USA gets destroyed.
    I'm afraid damage being done to USA right now, with intelligence flowing out and allies being antagonized, is Permanent and longer it takes for leaders to wake up and respond, more destroyed we get. Good morning
    I used to be sad that I felt so much like a visitor to this planet, and not a participant. But as I watch events unfold, I am today GLAD to be a tourist on Earth. These humans are scary with potential to Share Hatred and create a force. We all say Nazi Nazi but truth is we have no idea what is growing now, it's like a new festering cancer, and as an eternal science writer on tour of the universe I watch with fascination
    Is anyone going to make a tax payment by April 15? Do I have to give up my grocery money to finance more grifting weekends ($3 million a trip) for Donald T? No. I won't. I refuse.
Posted by Kay Ebeling 
riding a blizzard to a new city of angels

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