Monday, June 26, 2017


USA developed the tech that our enemies then used against us and it was all possible BECAUSE the usa did not bother to educate its own people about the technology. Half of Americans don't even know what a bot is, when it is a cyber weapon used and still being used against us. 
At some point, you can't blame the govt for everything. Anyone can go to a library and learn what the internet is, anyone can save four hundred dollars to buy a laptop, so-
I have no feeling now except Americans deserve what they are going to get.

It's like all those people I see interviewed in L.A. who complain that they can't get a job bk they don't know Spanish. Well Fucking LEARN the language that half the people around you are speaking then. DUH!!!

Hmm. I walk around with my little old lady smile most the time, dressed up with a sun hat. And inside I Am So Pissssssssed Off

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