Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Someone got him to turn on Fox News and sit there for 20 years watching and learning. Melania the spy.

Extreme right wing people think we are better off without a "government bureaucracy" so our reading-disabled president is destroying USA on purpose. Someone got him to turn on Fox News and sit there for 20 years watching and learning. Melania the spy.

Melania the Spy

First Putin / Saudis created Fox News by purchasing a primary location on cable lineups in every city in the country (1995), then they found a dumb rich guy and used M to seduce him, tell him to watch Fox News and Nothing Else... and now we have arrived at 2017, a president who takes his cues from Fox (oh and I forgot Drudge Report too) nothing but the right wing "controlled" media... that he's about to produce from the White House on taxpayer dollars with Breitbart and I gotta get to my job, yikes.

They may have even found out that Trump was into "grabbing pussy," as KGB guys are kinda known for getting to potential spies through their sexual tastes. SO, they staged that photo where Melania the model is naked and kinda grabbing her pussy. Once you see that picture, it's kinda hard to get it out of your head... nostrovia. I need to learn russian...
Only way this presidency makes sense is if you think of Trump as a Trojan Horse whose sole purpose is to destroy the United States. Then you stop wondering why he's doing what he's doing. We will not be able to stop him until we admit what he is, no amount of reasoning or persuasion will convince him to do anything but destroy us, that's his mission.

Trump is a Trojan Horse, an espionage tool of war used by pre-Assyrians and Greeks in same region that we call Middle East today. The Trum...
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